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Master of Education Program



Because the courses are meant to help you progress through your project, you need to take charge of your course content.

*The coursework has three distinct phases which relate directly to your project: Investigation, Proposal, Execution, or as we have coined it “Explore, Choose, Do”. Look at the flow chart on this page to see how the classes are distributed throughout the three phases.

In the Explore Phase—you and your colleagues (including the faculty members) will explore existing issues in education and examine the factors that contribute to them.

In the Choose Phase—Your team will propose a solution to a local educational issue.

In the Do Phase—Your team will gather necessary resources and implement the change.

In each of the phases you will work in one or more of the following formats:

  • Full class meetings, face-to-face and online
  • Small group and individual conferences, face-to-face and online
  • Site work in your school and community
  • Networking with classmates, colleagues, and the general public
  • Recording your experiences for future generations

 Course Schedule


  • Issues in Learning (3 cr hrs)
  • Foundations of Education/ Cultures in Education (3 cr hrs)
  • Fundamentals of Action Research (3 cr hrs)
  • Changes in Education (3 cr hrs)
  • Data Collection and Proposal Development (6 cr hrs)
  • Teaching Community Development (3 cr hrs)
  • School and Community Partnerships (3 cr hrs)
  • Legal Issues: Litigation v. Advocacy (3 cr hrs)
  • Project Implementation (6 cr hrs)
  • Mentoring the Researcher (1-4 hours) (Minimum 2 hours of Electives Required for Degree Completion)

Minimum Total Hours to Graduate: 35 cr hrs


Student Progress Chart

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