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Making the right connection

posted by mark | December 4, 2013 | | Master of Education

Mr. Eric Hoops,who is both a 4th grade teacher and a high school football coach,  is one of our best students. His project involves connecting at risk elementary students with high school athletes who can serve as friends and mentors, with the goal of creating positive change on both sides. The biggest struggle he has had in our program was finding the right expert who could assist him in developing the particular curriculum for his project, someone who shared his love for the kids he works with.

In our program students create their own electives based on actual needs.  Because the projects are individualized, it often happens that subject experts and advocates from outside the program must be found and brought on board. Of all my advisees, Eric has struggled the most to find the right person to assist him, until we met yesterday evening with Kelli Johnson, the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the 451st Expeditionary Sustainment Command in Wichita.

Within five minutes of meeting, Eric and Kelli knew that they wanted to work together on Eric’s project, and that, as Eric said later, each shared a similar vision of what education should do. In one meeting, Eric went from stuck to having all sorts of new ideas available to explore that stand a good chance of transforming his teaching. It was great to see the process work so well.


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