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What’s happening in the library?

posted by Director of Library Services | September 27, 2013 | | Miller Library

The space on the top floor south side is going to become a “Makerspace” / “Incubator” space.
“A library incubator [makerspace] is a space designed to provide the community with guidance, tutoring and mentoring whenever they need help. Using a library incubator, users can gain assistance from library staff, or local tutors, academic faculty, or, for that matter, other community members. The incubator, in its feature as a physical touch-point for support, provides areas within the library in which to collaborate and work together, ask questions, share notes and information, and perform research.”

This space will be developing over time; if you have ideas of what should be in it or what should happen, let Mary Hester, Library Director, or Kori Gregg, VP of Entrepreneurship, know.

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