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Horizon Fund: Spark Plugs & Bobby Pins

by Kalila Haddad

Phil Hill Pebble Beach Scholarship

Life has a funny way of testing you sometimes. This past year has presented many challenges, both physically and mentally. Cramming both technical knowledge and hands on training can take its toll both on the nerves and the body. (I have the calloused hands to prove it!) This past year I went from a girl with an interest, to a girl with knowledge; something I have been wanting for a [ read more... ]

Round 2 of Horizon Grant

It’s no secret that Kansas is bitter cold during the winter. This has slowed me down a bit on working on my car and left me to seek out more, lets just say heater friendly activities. In the attempt to build upon my education here at Mcpherson in a sustainable way, I have taken on a proposal to make upholstered Guitar bags for a company that markets to musicians. In [ read more... ]

Wrapping up the semester…

It’s been a crazy past few months, this semester for my auto classes I had sheet metal and trim. One project I got to work on for my 59 is to re-do my door panels. I started out the course having never sewn anything in my life, and I can say I am very proud of the progress I have made.

Let me introduce myself…

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kalila Haddad, kind of a mouthful I know. To make your life easier I go by Frankie. I am most in my element when I am covered in grease, making lots of noise, or creating anything with my hands.  My project for the horizon grant is to promote the automotive field to young people as an option. Specifically to young women wanting to [ read more... ]