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Horizon Fund: Retro Purses

by Brittney Shoulders

Christmas break is here! Well.. almost.

Ahh can you believe this semester is already over?? It’s crazy how fast it went.  Everyone is crunching together their procrastinated homework and projects as I type this.  I luckily finished everything I needed to do last week, so out of boredom I began sewing purses! I have to say, they look pretty neat. Well I am going back to California for break and I’m not coming back until Spring [ read more... ]

Horizon Fund winner makes purses with the look and style of a classic car

What started as a thoughtful birthday gift could end up being one McPherson College student’s first career, thanks to the grant she received through the Horizon Fund. Last year Brittney Shoulders, sophomore, Rialto, Calif., was surprised by her boyfriend with a purse made from vinyl designed for an automotive interior. Austin Grabowski, junior, Upland, Calif., is an automotive restoration major and created the purse for her with extra time he [ read more... ]

Back to Business

Hey everyone! Here we are again back in school. We are coming up on midterms, and we are all realizing how quick this semester is already going by.  I think we all need to stop and take a minute to breathe!  Ha! I definitely needed that moment to calm down. Well I am slowly getting excited and relaxed at the same time thanks to things that are in the work [ read more... ]

A Busy Summer Ahead!

So this week marks the last week of my first year here at McPherson.  Did it fly by or what??  I must say I am very happy with everything that has happened in just one year of attending this school.  So many opportunities are opening up right before my eyes, and honestly, it’s kind of scary to go and grasp them!  For those of you who don’t know me let [ read more... ]