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McPherson College Students Learn Principles of iPad App Design for Contest

Updates | November 14, 2011 | Comments Off

About 40 students gathered Nov. 14 to learn about the principles of app design, in hopes of winning a new iPad of their own.

The workshop was an education session to help students in the “Think Globally, App Locally” contest at McPherson College – just one aspect of a the school’s lineup of events for Global Entrepreneurship Week at one of the most innovative entrepreneurship campuses in the Midwest.

Participants in the contests are tasked with coming up the best new concept for a new iPad app, with the winning concept receiving a new iPad and a the opportunity to work with a professional app coder to be able to sell their product. The workshop was led by Jerry Butler, technology support specialist at Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas, based in Hutchinson, Kan.

Using both contemporary examples such as Steve Jobs and historical ones such as Henry Ford, Butler said that innovators needed to break out from what the public thinks they want and redefine define the market. After all, before Henry Ford, most people would have said that what they most want is “a better horse” not “an automobile.”

“What’s going to bring our country back from the ashes is people coming up with killer ideas,” Butler said.

Butler encouraged the students to work with others on their concept for an iPad if they wanted to be successful, even though the prize would go to an individual. He used the example of a rock tumbler, which only works if there are multiple stones running into and polishing each other to

“By yourself you can’t do much,” he said. “With a lot of people working together, you can make gemstones.”

Follow all of the events during Global Entrepreneurship Week at McPherson College at, including the Global Enterprise Challenge, which will give one winning team of students a $1,000 scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to Panama for coming up with a sustainable venture to help in Panama.

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