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Global Enterprise Challenge Teams Present Their Ideas

Global Enterprise Challenge: Haiti | November 18, 2010 | Comments Off

After 10 days of intense research, creativity and hard work, the moment has finally come for the teams competing in the Global Enterprise Challenge to present their ideas to a diverse panel of McPherson College faculty and staff.

The winning team, which will travel to Haiti, will be chosen based on the written proposals turned in Wednesday at midnight and the oral presentations Thursday in Miller Library. The winning team will be announced at the all-college convocation Thursday.

The presentations reveal the thoughtfulness, creativity, work ethic and compassion of all the students involved in the Global Enterprise Challenge. While some projects overlap in both their areas of concern and solutions, each concept is a unique approach to making a difference in Haiti.

Team 1: Stayin’ Alive

Team 2: Haitian Partnership for Holistic Development

Team 3: Project Fishing Haiti

Team 4: Greenhouse Effect-ion

Team 5: Beyond Isles

Team 6: Tap That – Clean Water Resource

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