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Horizon Fund Recipients for Oct 2010

Horizon Fund | October 7, 2010 | Comments Off

A total of 19 ideas have been awarded funding in the initial round of the new Horizon Fund at McPherson College. The fund was established to provide mini-grants to help students explore or carry out an original entrepreneurial idea. Here’s a list of the 22 students receiving the fund and their project summaries.

Shane Ball |  SR |  Canton, KS
Awarded a grant to complete a concept motorcycle, The Genesis, to jump start his custom motorcycle design company—Duk Design.

Audrey Secker |  JR  |  Lancaster, PA
Plans to start a day care co-op on campus for students, faculty and staff with young children. She is receiving a grant to create a business plan and advisory board.

Pat Knapp |  SO  |  Basking Ridge, NJ
His idea is to create a membership driven automotive shop where everyday people can use his space and tools. The grant is to fund additional research on the liability issues related to his project.

Andrew Paschall | SR  |  Clarksville, MI
Has big dreams to create an advertising agency focused on small business. His grant is to help support the creation of a business plan.

Curtis MullinsHutchinson, KS
Has a vision to create a low cost, high return event on campus to showcase his music as inspired by his independent study class dealing with Phenomenon of Man with Dr. Herb Smith. The grant will allow Curtis to pilot an event on campus.

Dale Schwartz |  SR  | Crystal Lake, IL
He is an artist and a technician. He wants to build lamps and furniture out of car parts to be sold to auto enthusiasts. The grant will fund his first two lamps.

Kalila HaddadKansas City, MO
Kalila wants to be a car builder and is an accomplished pin-striper. Her vision is to use her talent and share it with young women who want to pursue a career in automotive restoration.

Natasha Chaney |  FR  |  Edgerton, KS
She wants to create an effort on campus to raise money for her hometown elementary school teachers. She is going to work with a local bakery to sell cookies to parents for their students at MC.

Steven Ast |  JR  |  Williamson, NY
He sees a need that is going unmet in our auto restoration department—lack of tools. The horizon grant will help him fund a survey to assess the issue and make a recommendation.

Blake Jett |  JR  |  Fort Worth, TX
Samuel Tucker |  SO  | Thornton, CO
They want to create a clothing company—shirts for causes. Each line of shirts will focus on some type of inspirational art. This grant will help them start their social enterprise by allowing them to develop a business plan and create their first line of shirts.

Lance Butler |  FR  |  Torrance, CA
The C.A.R.S club now offers its members (who achieve a certain point level) club jackets. They have plans to make this effort sustainable by selling jackets for profit to alumni and friends of the college. This grant will allow for them to produce some prototype jackets and start working to get this initiative off the ground where alumni/friends will fund jackets for current students.

Jacob Patrick |  FR  |  Elizabeth, CO
His grant provides funding for a 4-day high school leadership conference on the MC campus.

Emily James |  SO  |  Westminster, CO
Emily is motivated to start a community garden in McPherson. This grant will allow her to create a plan to start a garden.

Lane Allison |  JR  |  Greensburg, KS
Tecie Turner |  SR  |  Scott City, KS
They have visions of getting students and our community excited about sustainability issues. This grant is to get them started on a pilot project called “Give it back to Mac” which is a McPherson community wide street side recycling program.

Andy Robinson |  FR  |  Tulsa, OK
He wants to start a wrestling club at MC. This grant is to provide funding for Andy to do a feasibility analysis and work with MC on his idea.

Ginikachi  Ibe |  JR  |  San Jose, CA
He wants to start a book buy-back program. The grant will allow him to pilot a consignment program allowing him to give his buy-back model a try.

Brittney Shoulders |  FR  |  Rialto, CA
She makes retro purses made with recycled vinyl. This grant will allow her to start a line of purses and develop a business plan.

Jared Stevenson |  SR  |  Broken Arrow, OK
Zack Gaddis |  JR  |  Oklahoma City, OK
They want to develop a not-for-profit Christian music label—G-1 Entertainment. This grant will help them with their initial copyright legal fees.

Shane DresserKearny, NJ
Shane is a licensed massage therapist. He plans to work with a variety of clients including elderly and sick. This grant will help him get started in the McPherson Community.


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